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Tara Redwood operates on a 12-month calendar, from September to September for the young children and preschool programs, and a 10-month calendar (September-June) for TK-6th grade.

Tara Redwood School | Parent Handbook
School Participation

Our Parent Handbook describes to be a better detail Tara Redwood School's philosophy and approach to education. Everything you would like to know about our curriculum and approach at Tara Redwood School is  included within our Tara Redwood School Parent Handbook. Our school teaches about community and absolutely values parent participation at any level. The  children’s understanding for interdependence, the kindness in one another and learning about helping one another is strongly reflected in the participation by the parent community.


Our Enrollment Process

With your Acceptance Letter you will receive an Enrollment Package. It will contain all the necessary paperwork and information required to enroll your child.

Before the child’s first day of school, the following requirements must be met:

Your Enrollment & Tuition Contract and all required enrollment paperwork must be filled out completely, and submitted to the office.

Evidence that all immunizations required by the state of California have been met or a signed statement from the child’s doctor that the child is in the process of completing them.

Deposit, fees, and tuition payments have been made when due, as stipulated in the Enrollment & Tuition Contract.

Tara Redwood School welcomes students of any color, race, gender, sexual orientation, and all ethnic, national, cultural, social or religious backgrounds. Financial aid is available.


Thank you for taking the time to consider enrolling in Tara Redwood School. If you would like a full enrollment package or if you have any questions, please call (831) 462-9632 or email