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Amrita (Ami) Cayton

Ami Cayton has been at Tara Redwood School for eight years. She previously taught in the 1-3rd classroom for six years, working with and developing Creating Compassionate Cultures curriculum.  This is her second year in administration at the Village Campus. Ami feels passionately about the CCC curriculum and wishes the entire world could have access to this type of learning. Being part of the CCC pilot school is an exciting opportunity to bring the curriculum to life and help others learn how to teach it as well.  Ami has also started an after school arts program called Wisdom Way, as a new manifestation of CCC for the greater community outside of our school.

When not working, you can find Ami spending time with family and friends, practicing yoga, snowboarding in Tahoe, adventuring around Santa Cruz, and relaxing at home with her two cats.

Please give Ami a call if you would like to schedule a visit to any of our classrooms.

Village Campus, 831 475 0201

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