The invitation from last year's successful auction.

Welcome to the 2019 Tara Redwood School Annual & Benefit Auction


Saturday, March 23th, from 4:00pm to 9:00 pm

LOCATION: La Selva Community Center
From Tara Redwood School Village Campus

The Auction Committee is planning a spectacular PARTY that you won’t want to miss!

We have a new location for this year. Details TBA.

We are excited to share the news that the auction committee is extending two additional tickets to each family this year.  Your first two tickets are already paid for in your enrollment fees and your second two tickets are a gift from the committee so that you can extend the invitation to other family members (grandparents, aunties, uncles!) or special friends that might want to participate and support our school. Each family will be able to bring a total of 4 (four!!!) people to the event, including parents.

This major fundraising event is sponsored by our Parent Volunteer Group and needs the attendance of all parents to make it a success, so please mark this date on your calendars now. The money directly benefits EVERY CHILD at Tara.

The annual Tara Redwood School Auction is our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year, helping to keep tuition affordable for our families, and to keep the quality of education high for all students. Simply put, without the auction Tara Redwood School would not be what it is today. Not only is the Annual Auction an important event for the school, but it is also the perfect opportunity for a night out and a great way to connect with other parents in our school community, make new friends and reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while.

The Goal of our Auction is Twofold

We raise money for the school AND build community. The Tara Redwood School community is strengthened as a whole when working together towards a common goal, building a better school for our kids. Our families play the starring role in making the Auction a success. Parties, meetings, planning etc. this is the place where you may meet new and lifelong friends. It’s an opportunity to build relationships. We know…we’ve made some of our closest friends while working on school projects, the auction in particular. AND. it’s a blast! You are guaranteed to have a lovely and memorable time on Auction Night.

If you haven't done it yet - please RSVP to the personal invitations we sent via email.

What do we want each family to do?

We ask for 100% participation. Make your family donation of goods or services with a minimum fair market value of $100. Donation forms will be available for you in the classrooms at the Redwood campus or on the classroom doors at the Village Campus. There you will find: A letter to present to any business or person that might be interested in donating something, Donation forms, which should accompany any donation that comes back. Services can be described on this form. The forms can be returned in the same pockets at the village and in an envelope hanging on the classroom doors at the redwood campus. Physical donations can be dropped off with forms in either office. If you have a connection for a particularly great donation idea (fancy hotel, getaway, restaurant, etc.), please let the auction team know right away. We are happy to help you make the ask, draft a personal note, etc.

Contact the Auction Committee

If you have any questions or if you would like to help with this year’s Auction, please contact Cristiana Shaw, Katie Bramlett or Ami Cayton. Thank you for your support of this year’s auction and we look forward to seeing you for an evening of fun and celebration.


Cristiana Shaw (Max and Liam's mom), and the auction committee, Jen Meltzer, Jen Dyer-Seymour, Ingrid Senne, Moana Cleaver, and Valerie Mojeiko

Come to the Auction and bid for our school! Invite friends to come to the Auction, too. Here are some ideas to get you thinking, “What do I have to offer?”

Do you have a vacation home or own a timeshare? Trips are a HUGE HIT!
Donate cash or become a sponsor to help write off certain auction expenses
Get together with some of your friends and host a spectacular dinner party.
Put together a fabulous ‘theme’ basket of goodies and/or delectables.
Do you have season tickets (NFL, hockey, concert, theater, etc.)?
Do you have a hidden talent (painter, sculptor, cake decorator, seamstress etc.) – Let your imagination run wild!
Does your business provide a service that you could donate?
Advertise in our 2018 Auction catalogue – ¼ page ad – $100, ½ page ad -$175, full page ad – $225
Company Matching Donation programs – Double the Donation – This year we are asking parents that work for large companies/corporations to look into their companies matching programs or the possibility of contributing in some other significant way – See more details in the Ideas4U list below
If you’re stumped on what to donate, check out our Ideas4U list below.
How do I get businesses to donate?
We don’t expect you to go out and procure from our neighborhood merchants. The Procurement Team has already been working on that for months. But, we highly encourage you to think about your network and contacts… particularly those that we’d otherwise not have. For example, if your best friend owns a Brewery, we’d love for you to reach out and ask for a $50 dinner gift certificate. If you’re purchasing a big-ticket item like a new TV, why not ask if the business would donate something? When you get your hair cut next, ask if they’re willing to donate a cut and color. Best-case scenarios are a face-to-face contact and ask. Businesses need to complete the Donor Form and give the item/gift certificate to you, arrange with us for pick up or delivery, or drop it in the mail to the school at 5810 Prescott Road, Soquel, CA 95073.

What kinds of donations are best?
Unique Experiences and Items fetch the best bids. Check out our Wish List & Idea Pages to help get your creative juices flowing.

Can we get creative with our donations?
We love creative ideas. If you have a great idea that you’ve seen at other auctions or something you’d like to see offered at ours, tell us about it. If you have a wild and crazy idea for a package or item, we want to hear it!

When are donations due?
February 15th 2017 in order to allow time for compiling, packaging, and to be included in the catalog. Your donation, whether an auction item or a gift of your time, will be greatly appreciated! To donate an item or service to the auction, please complete the attached form (or pick one up near your classroom) and drop off with donations in either office. February 15th so we can get it into the auction catalogue.

Can I turn in a donation after February 15th?
To efficiently inventory and catalog the hundreds of items we receive in a timely manner, we MUST receive donations on or before the deadline. It’s possible to submit the Donor Form by the deadline and bring in the item at a later date. Please contact an Auction Team member to make this arrangement. We cannot guarantee that items submitted after the deadline will be included in the Catalog and/or the current year’s auction.

What if I can’t come to the auction, are there other ways I can help?
Sure! We need people to make follow up calls for procurement, pick up items, do data entry… there are literally hundreds of tasks that can only be done if the whole community pulls together. There are jobs to fit every schedule. Contact us for details.

Do I have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy myself?
No! There will be items, packages, and sign up events to fit every budget. Auction Night is a great big party filled with food, friends, and fun. Use it as an opportunity to shop for gifts for others… money you’d spend anyways… think Holidays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Birthdays, Etc.

What should I wear?
The auction is not a black tie event and there is no required dress code. Some may come in their cocktail dresses, suits, or even tuxedos while others won't. So in short, our answer is dress in what your comfortable in. Dress for a party! Dress for a fun night with friends! Just be sure to be there!!

Is this a family event?
The Auction is a grown-up party. No children please. Make arrangements for a babysitter so you can enjoy an adult night out.

What if I can’t come but would like to bid on an item?
You’re welcome to have a friend bid for you. But, we need to make sure: You have your own bidder number, We know who is authorized to make purchases on your behalf, and Your credit card is registered prior to Auction Night. So, please make arrangements with us in advance.

If you have any questions or if you would like to help with this year’s Auction, please contact Cristiana Shaw, Katie Bramlett or Amy Cayton. Thank you for your support of this year’s auction and we look forward to seeing you for an evening of fun and celebration. Sincerely, Cristiana Shaw (Max and Liam's mom), and the auction committee, Jen Meltzer, Jen Dyer-Seymour, Ingrid Senne, Moana Cleaver, and Valerie Mojeiko


We’ve been brainstorming to come up with some Awesome Items to offer on Auction Night. Can you help us procure and/or plan one of these great packages? Do you have contacts at any of these types of businesses? This list is not exhaustive, but rather to get your creative juices flowing! Please let us know if you’ve thought of a great idea that you’d like to see included here.

How about going in with a couple of families to pull a package together? Unique items and experiences fetch the best bids. Partner up with friends and families for hosting events; showcase your own skills and talents; take stock of your connections and resources.


Kayaking Adventure: Lessons, Gift Certificates, Gear

Tour or Radio or TV Station

Meet a Local Celebrity or Actor

Helicopter Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Backstage Concert Passes

Professional Shadow Opportunity

Host a Party

Birthday Dinner Party

Wine Tasting Party

Tequila Tasting Party

Distillery Tour Party

Beer Sampling Party

Tacos & Tequila

Indian Cuisine Dinner

Pool Party & Barbecue

Progressive Dinner

Karaoke Party

Cheese Tasting

Chocolate Tasting

Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Game Night

Book Discussion

Hayride/Pumpkin Carving Party


Do you have a timeshare or vacation home?

Ranch or River Houses

Riverboat Cruise

Use of a Time Share

Camping Adventure

Golf Resort Vacation


Beach Homes

Camps for Kids

Ski Vacations

Sailing Weekend

Hawaiian Vacation

Around Town Packages

Holiday Staycation

Lift Tickets


Sports Package

Concert Packages

Brewery Package

Tahoe Ski/Play Package

Camping and/or Backpacking Essentials: Tent, Sleeping Bags, Pads, Camp Stove, Backpacks, Water Purification System, Jackets, Books on Great Places to Camp or Backpack


Nutcracker Ballet Tickets

Roaring Camp Holiday Lights Train Ride

Santa Cruz Warriors Tickets

Golden State Warriors Tickets

San Jose Sharks Tickets

SF Giants Tickets

San Jose Earthquakes Tickets

Movie Tickets Symphony or Theatre Tickets

Comedy Show Tickets

Sporting Event Tickets

Concert Tickets

Museum/Zoo Memberships

Box Seats at Events


 REI Gift Card for Camping Gear

Grocery Gift Card

Flowers for a year/month: Have flowers delivered every week for a month or month for a year

Restaurant Gift Certificates

Retail Gift Certificates

Limousine Rental

Salon & Spa Packages

Florist Gift Certificate

Babysitting Punchcard: Good for 20 hours of babysitting



School Supplies


$ to cover Hot Lunch Orders



Set of Golf Clubs





Stereos or Home Theaters

Wine, Champagne, Liquors

Gourmet Chocolates

Professional Artwork










Interior Design

House Painting




Dance or Art Lessons

Personal Trainer

Gourmet Cooking Class





Company Matching donation programs – Double the donation

This year we are also asking the parents that work for large companies/corporations to look into their companies possibly matching their donations or possibly contributing in some other significant way. Many corporations match donations made by employees to nonprofits, to support employee charitable giving, and to extend corporate philanthropy. Each company has its own paperwork and directions on how it works. Check in with your HR Department to see if they have a matching donation program.

Some of the companies that offer matching funds are, but not limited to: General Electric, Gap, Microsoft, Ford, AT&T, Target, Wells Fargo, bank of America, Verizon, Dell, Boeing, Intel, Home Depot, Costco, Apple, Google, EBay, LinkedIn, HP, United Technologies Corp, Merck& Co, Texas Instruments, Amgen, Amex, and many more. Check with your company.

Advertise in the Auction Catalog
Advertising in the Auction Catalog is a great way to share your business with the Tara Community. From a Business Card Ad to a Full Page, we have an opportunity for every budget. School families, donors, and other auction attendees will see your advertisements featured in the printed Auction catalog in black & white. And we are happy to share social media love on Facebook, too.

If you own a business, thank you for considering the Auction Catalog for your advertising dollars. 

  • Quarter Page -$100
  • Half Page -$175
  • Full Page -$225

For details and information about advertising in the brochure, please contact Heidi Otto at: