CCC for Parents

November 7th is our next workshop.

Creating Compassionate Cultures (CCC) for Parents introduces the philosophical foundation and practical application for the curriculum taught in CCC schools. Workshops focus on how the CCC program  and methodology can be integrated at home to enhance happy, compassionate family cultures.

Discussions and content among attending new parents will cover influences of culture, personal values, parenting, child development, learning methodologies, social and emotional learning, and neuroscience research.

The workshops are fun and interactive as well as a way to become familiarize yourself to other Tara Redwood School parents. Expect engaging dialogue, reflection, mindfulness and hands on activities.

We hope you will partner with us in nurturing the growth of knowledge, strength and compassion in our children, in ourselves and in our communities.

More information on CCC can also be found on the Creating Compassionate Cultures Website

CCC for Santa Cruz Elementary and Pre schools.

Tara Redwood School offers first year parents complimentary CCC workshops for all the seven steps that comprise our curriculum.


Students and educators are welcome to register if you would like to obtain a certificate of education on Creating Compassionate Cultures program of study.

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Or Call: (831)475-0211