Elementary School

Elementary school kids with their model airplane

The Elementary Program is for children TK – 5th Grade

Age Cut-Off Date:

5 years old by December 1st for T-K
5 years old by September 1st for Kindergarten
6 years old by September 1st for First Grade

We offer a Montessori-based curriculum combined with Tara Redwood School's program CCC-Creating Compassionate Cultures- approaches in a mixed-ages, open classroom setting.

As each child has his/her own unique personality and interests, it is our aim to provide a curriculum that inspires and nurtures these various needs of the children. Our open classroom style allows children to fully explore and pursue their special areas of interest.

Our program is noted for our stimulating math and language curriculum, as well as our arts and sciences.

Our curriculum is theme-oriented and we access the wonderful resources we have in our families and community to make our learning as experiential and stimulating as possible. Enrichment classes and multiple field trips are offered so to maintain a consistent interest in exploring new themes and subjects.


Annual Tuition: $12,500
Monthly Payment Plan: $1,250


New Students: $800.00

Returning Students: $650

Materials Fee: $350
Sibling Discount: $200(auction tickets)

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2018-19 Tuition & Fees Schedule