Hike4Peace | Open House Event

Hike 4 Peace | Open House and Fundraiser 2018

Enjoy a day with us in the forest of the Land of Medicine Buddha.

This year Hike4Peace and a Community Gathering will be held on

Sunday May 20, 2018, from 11am-4pm at the Land of Medicine Buddha.

Join us at the Land of Medicine Buddha

Hike4Peace is a fun family event and a Tara Redwood School Open House.

Hike4Peace is an important fundraiser for Tara Redwood School. There will be raffle tickets for sale. Arts and crafts activities for all ages. And an opportunity for all participants to donate funds to Tara Redwood School.

Attendees can participate in the arts and crafts offered by our staff and volunteers. A variety of gourmet foods prepared by our school chefs will be offered for purchase. Raffle tickets will be available for many wonderful donated items. Participants can purchase raffle tickets and win prizes.

We are excited to have our older students as escort attendees. They will lead participants towards the Hike of the 8 Verses trail, in exchange of a ticket donation. A colorful bracelet will be given at each Verse stop, as one hikes the trail.

Our students will accept raffle ticket donation/pledges for a variety of activities offered through out the day.

Come Hike and Play and Donate to our wonderful school in the Redwoods!

School art, Santa Cruz private school

Compassion Card by Amadeo Leikind Williamson, Alumni 2015/17