Parenting Class Workshop # 6

Transforming Emotions

Flowers sit in colorful water. Each color reflects an emotion. Eventually, the flowers take on the color of the water they float in. From Kindergarten class.
Namasya Carpenter, teacher.


This class will focus on several of the self regulation tools that Tara Redwood School’s program offers to every student.

Some of the tools to regulate children’s emotions are:

  • Heart Jewels – The colors of the gems reflect the helpful actions the students observe in another classmates.

      This is an exercise to develop compassion and gratitude in others.

  • Mindful Breathing –Students practice mindfulness at a daily basis. They practice breath in for helpful emotions, and breath out for harmful ones.


  • Shell and Crystal– The clear reflection of a crystal and the sea shell for calm listening skills. This is an exercise for conflict resolution.

Several other concepts that are helpful to parents will be at this wonderful workshop, such as:

  • The 5 Rs
  • Power Beads


  • Modeling tools
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