Pam Cayton – Director

School Director

Originally from Australia, Pam lived and worked in Nepal for ten years where she taught English to Nepali and Tibetan children in the Kathmandu Valley. After moving to California with her family in 1988, Pam founded Tara Preschool in 1989, which she then expanded to Tara Redwood School in 1996, with the aim of educating the whole child. The purpose was not only to convey the joy of learning but to provide a foundation for the emotional and inner development of each child. Working with the school's staff, Pam researched, created and implemented strategies for awakening compassion, wisdom and social responsibility in the minds and hearts of children. In 2009, Pam began to tour the world to share her methods with educators and parents. To date, she has presented the Seven Steps at workshops in 10 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. pam@tararedwoodschool.org

Michelle Namasya Carpenter – Elementary School Instructor

Michelle Namasya Carpenter has been teaching for eleven years. She is a Certified American Montessori Society (AMS) Teacher. In 2005, she created her own cooperative home school group and she founded an intentional living community focusing on sustainability and children. Namasya is an avid traveler, spending 4 years of her early adulthood traveling within the US, living abroad, and sailing throughout the world before settling down in Santa Cruz to start a family. She is a mother of two amazing children, ages 10 and 17. She believes in creating community. She is a certified Integral Hatha yoga teacher, certified Spiritual Practitioner, and is a Master Potter and teacher of pottery. She is a lifelong student and enthusiast of dance, and studied African Dancing in Ghana.

She is absolutely in love with nature, taking opportunities to meditate outside, swim in rivers, climb trees, and hike in the redwoods. She is a professional percussionist and has been an active member of a local band for the past 12 years. Namasya feels passionate about teaching children and inspiring them to see their own light within themselves, and helping them to recognize their innate connection with nature. namasya@tararedwoodschool.org

Lisa Dreyer Campiglia – Elementary School Instructor

Lisa has been a member of the Tara community for over 20 years. She has been both a parent and a teacher. She has worked in all the grades from preschool to elementary, and has taught Physical Education.

Lisa received her undergraduate education from UC Santa Barbara and her Masters in Education from UC Santa Cruz.

In addition to teaching at Tara, Lisa is the founder of Adventure Trails Wilderness Camp in Santa Cruz. She has also been coaching soccer at Soquel High School and teaching Capoeira at the Santa Cruz Dance Company for many years.

When Lisa is not working you can find her at the beach, in the ocean, in the Capoeira studio, or in the forest. You will also find her with her dog Rocket who has grown up at Tara too. lisa@tararedwoodschool.org

Bev Gwyn —Preschool Teacher

Pre school instructor at Tara Redwood School

Bev Gwyn was born in Quebec, Canada and holds BA degree in Teaching from University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

She has been with Tara Redwood School from the very beginning (nearly 25 years) and has worked as lead preschool teacher here, as well as a high school counselor early on.

Bev Gwyn has travelled extensively around the world and has lived in Tibet, India and Nepal.

She is a student of the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Yeshe and is one of the founders of the Vajrapani Institute in Boulder Creek.

Her favorite activities involve reading, meditating, gardening and being with friends. bev@tararedwoodschool.org

Kat Beaulieu — Preschool Teacher


Kat is the Assistant Teacher in the Rainbow Preschool Class, she has been part of the Tara community for 6 years. Kat has a degree in early childhood education with special certificates in creating curriculum and working with diversity in the community. What she loves about teaching at Tara Redwood School is having the opportunity to share the principles that Tara stands for. Working with the children through projects, books, and games; teaching the importance of cultivating a positive sense of self. ” I love the children; getting to know them, who they are, how they think, what they like.”

Kat loves being in nature, foraging for mushrooms and being with friends; she is also a massage therapist and an animal rights advocate.
Art is one of her main passions, including small scale metal smithing, jewelry making, sculpting, welding, silkscreening and photography. kat@tararedwoodschool.org

Yvonne Reynolds

Admissions & Enrollment Coordinator


Ellisabeth Sullivan, Tara Redwood School bookkeeping

Elizabeth (Liz) Sullivan

Finance Manager


Enrichment Course Instructors

Tara Redwood School has a curriculum that allows access to wonderful resources we have in our families and community.
We are committed to make the students' learning as experiential and stimulating as possible.
Every parent volunteer is a professional in the enrichment course they teach.

Nancy Kvam – Violin Instruction

Nancy is a professional violinist who has been performing with the Santa Cruz Symphony since 1983 to present and a violinist for the Monterey Bay/Pops Symphony since 2014.

She is certified in Suzuki Violin Pedagogy Units 1-8, through Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Nancy is also an educator for the Cabrillo College Music Department and she is the artistic director for the  Cabrillo Youth Strings Music Program.

Nancy's students are taught to read music and learn from basic to intermediate compositions.

She loves bunnies, singing bowls,  and she is well love by her students. nkvammen@gmail.com

Jane Reyes – Creative Arts|Ceramics

Jane Reyes. Ceramics at Tara Redwood School

Jane is a professional fine arts instructor for the Santa Cruz, Aptos and Watsonville Adult Education. She is an expressive Mixed Media artist, creating art in bronze, clay, painting, printmaking and collage. She has a Masters in Education from UCSC with a focus in Art Education. Jane has been exhibiting and selling her art since the 1980's. She also offers private art classes in the summertime  She assists the students with glazing, ceramics and imaginative projects.  She loves all wonders of nature, eclectic cinema, jazz music and reggae concerts. janeereyes@cruzio.com

Matt Cleaver – Music Instructor

Matt Cleaver. Music educator at Tara Redwood School

Matt has been playing and studying music for 35 years. He has played in several ensembles over the past decades, ranging from classical to jazz and rock music,

including 10 years as a touring musician. He plays and teaches brass, woodwind, percussion, piano and stringed instruments. matthewp.cleaver@gmail.com