Parent Participation

Tara Redwood School is a collaboration between administrators, teachers and parents. It takes our entire community to make our non-profit school operate at the level that best serves our students, while keeping tuition low. It is with our amazing community working together that we are able to provide children with a supportive, loving, and safe environment to grow up in.

To make this happen, each family is assigned a classroom, campus or community task. Doing your family job consistently and proficiently is essential to the running of the school, as parents are key components to many parts of our program.

Tara Redwood School |Parent Participation Agreement

Here are the links to the Parent Participation Job Descriptions and

The Parent Participation Log where you keep track of your hours.

Please remember to send a copy of your volunteered parent hours to the office twice per year: by December 31st and by June 10th.

Please email your completed parent participation.

Thank you!

The Tara Team.