Our Core Values

Tara Redwood School bases its curriculum on the following VALUES:


●  Develop a deeper understanding of our unlimited potential

●  Develop awareness of the effects of our actions on oneself, others and the environment

●  Understanding our emotions in order to exercise the freedom to make skillful, compassionate and helpful choices.


● Speaking words that are helpful, kind, encouraging and complimentary.

● Refraining from speaking words with ill intent i.e., divisive speech, lying, gossip, harsh speech, name-calling, belittling, and exclusion.


● Showing respect and compassion for all living beings (creatures great and small).

● Taking responsibility for helping others whenever possible.

● Being mindful to not harm others.


● Practicing generosity and sharing with our material belongings, our knowledge, our time and resources.

● Not taking that which has not been offered or does not belong to you.


● Developing the courage and perseverance to practice patience, respect, acceptance and forgiveness of differences.

● Not responding with anger, jealousy, pride or resentment.