Special Person Tea

February 11, 2021 at the Village Campus.

Tara Redwood's annual Special Person Tea event engages Valentine's Day week with a very sweet school tradition. Students are encouraged to put mindful intentions to express gratitude and kindness over tea and cakes (or savories) with a very special person of their choice. For a brief hour, parents or grandparents or friends come for a visit at  the school to be celebrated.

Students enjoy dressing semi formally, although it is optional.

What to expect:

Tables in every classrooms are set with pretty table cloths. Sometimes, table cloths are chosen and brought by the students, as well as napkins and their choice of "fancy" tea cups and saucers. The school provides the tea and hot water.

Special Person Tea  is one of the  students' favorite events which they  love  for so many playful reasons. They pour tea for their guests and enjoy home made snacks, they feel fancy, but mainly, they have an opportunity to express their gratitude toward a very special person in their lives.

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Classrooms Are Transformed Into Spaces to Honor And Celebrate Those Most Precious In Our Children's Lives.

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