Theater Arts

School plays are an important part of Tara’s eclectic curriculum.

Almost every class, Rainbow Mandala, Element Explorers & Earth Stewards will perform a play at the near close of the school year.

Students and educators work very hard on their class plays. All the plays are performed in costume and have elaborate set designs.

The plays are generally an insight into whichever scholastic theme each class may have just completed.

During the process of of pulling together a play, students are challenged with learning musical pieces, excelling at memorization, reading comprehension and they tend to form a final emotional bond with everyone involved. This a fun way through colorful role play to wrap up the school year perfectly for both students, staff and parents.


Welcome tasks for parent volunteers are:best school in santa cruz elementary and preschool

Costume design assistance

Set design

Music and sound P.A

Santa Cruz school play

High resolution Photography

Set up and dismantle


All the plays are performed at Land of Medicine Buddha’s Wishing Temple in the afternoon into the evening.

A potluck is served after the play.

Times TBA every year.