Summer Camp 2018

Tara Redwood School Summer Camp

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
— John Muir

Come join us for a summer spent in nature!

Summer 2018 Session starts on June 25, 2018.

Welcome to our returning friends and all the new faces joining us for Summer Camp at Tara Redwood School! Our summer program provides a unique opportunity for your child to become connected to the outer world of the environment and their inner world of peace.

Through games, stories, art, movement, hiking, and drama we will learn about the interconnected nature of the forest and the coastal habitats.

Through yoga, breathing, centering, and silent walks in the redwoods we will explore our emotions, gratitude, and our peaceful inner world.

Through unrestricted time to explore and discover the world on our own timeline, we will be able to enjoy the pleasures of unstructured summer time enjoyment.

Our goal as guides of children’s growth is to help them feel accepted for their uniqueness, and foster awareness of their own internal experience as well as the actions and responses of others around them, and learn how to be together in community. Encouraging their curiosity and joy in the world around them will help lay the foundation for life long learning and natural delight in being alive. Our intention is to provide opportunities for the children to be creative, to be in the present moment, to practice acceptance, and have fun. We will have plenty of time for free play and forest exploration daily, along with nature art, arts and crafts and skill building.

We will be doing a lot of hiking in the Redwoods, exploring the creek areas and taking field trips to the beach, please remember to have your camper wear the appropriate attire.


Summer Camp 2018 Enrollment Form

Emergency Information Form

Model Release Form

Tumbling Tutor Form

Physician’s Report – Child Care Centers (only for preschoolers)

Child’s Pre-Admission Health History – Parent’s Report (only for preschoolers)

Field Trip Permission Slip

We'll be doing a lot of hiking in the redwoods, exploring the creek areas, and taking field trips to the beach. Please remember to have your camper wear the appropriate attire.

Remember to send your child to camp each day with...

Having eaten a big healthy breakfast before camp

A large healthy lunch (please no candy)

Snack in a separate container from lunch, Labeled “SNACK”

A warm layer (for morning hikes), and shorts and short sleeves for hot afternoons

Water play clothes, swimsuit or shorts

Towel (with name on it)

A hat

Sunscreen – please apply sunscreen to your camper before you leave the house

Shoes suitable for hiking (NO open toed shoes): Tennis shoes, hiking shoes, or closed toed (Tevas are options)

Water bottle with your child's name on it

A backpack to carry lunch and sweater while hiking

An extra change of clothes including underwear, bottoms and shirt in case of a wet accident.


Camp begins at 9:00am and ends at 3:00pm. If you sign up in advance there is extended care until 5 pm, for $20.00 per day. Morning care is available with 1 weeks advance notice, and if we have enough campers who need it, $8.00 per day.

If your child is in aftercare and you do not them up by 5:00pm or if your child ends up in aftercare without advance notice you will be charged $30.00 for late pickup and/or no aftercare notice. (You may let us know day of before 3:00pm and we will let you know if there is space.)

We are looking forward to a wonderful experience this summer with your children!